17-year-old Nigeria boy, Isah Barde, who created a functioning robot with the use of cardboards, has been granted scholarship to study Computer Engineering at the Baze University in Abuja by the Federal Government.

Barde, who lives in Kano State, started putting his talent to work from childhood. He revealed that he started by designing tractors and excavators before deciding to build a robot.

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According to Barde, he got his inspiration from movies and online videos, where he watched robots and saw how they behave. Isah started working on the robot during the Covid 19 pandemic lockdown. it took him two years to finish it.

Barde said, who said the current robot is still work in progress, said he yearns to build bigger and better robots, but having the required equipment to actualize his dream has been one of his major challenges.

Story: Rita Adamu


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