Legendary singer, Innocent Idibia, known as 2baba, has tendered a public apology to his wife, Annie Idibia, and others for being an embarrassment to them.

The singer took to his Instagram account on Monday, 8th August, 2022, to pen down a public apology in a series of posts where he expressed his regret and showed remorse to his wife, the rest of his family, his team and the fans.

2baba’s apology to his family and fans before the rumour began

“Las Las 🙏🏾This is no stunt. I’m sorry for all the embarrassment I’ve caused my wife, my kids, my mother and all our families and my management team. I’m not looking for no sympathy I’m not trying to make myself look good. This is no reverse psychology bullshit.

“I simply just don’t want to be the one that always apologise. I’ve been a shity father and a shity husband and shity baby daddy. I have no excuses. I just want to do right by my wife, and my kids and their moms and my mom and all families and my manager and friends”, he wrote.

The “African Queen” singer noted that he had no fears of being canceled.

“I beg y’all to pls just face me and cancel me anyhow. I’ve been a star for so long that my bulletproof vest is worn-out. I’m not quitting or suicidal or giving up.

“I just want to go back to my default settings and denounce my role model status and make up lost time with my kids and give y’all music that will make u remember and understand why they call me 2BABA #GRATEFUL#”, he added.

Following this post, the singer shared another appreciating his wife, Annie Macaulay-Idibia, with the caption; “Forever Grateful to u @annieidibia1 Love u till I die Ur kind is rare #GRATEFUL to u forever…”.

Subsequently, fans began speculating that the father of 7 had offended his wife again. The speculations turned to a rumour that the singer allegedly impregnated another woman.

A social media user’s tweet

Despite the drama between 2Baba and Annie on social media, this is the first time the singer will be issuing a public apology to his wife and family.

Back in September 2021, Annie had accused 2Baba and his family of not caring about her since they married, noting that they had done everything to frustrate hers and Innocent’s relationship. It got dirty for a bit, with Annie’s brother denouncing her, but her husband asked for privacy and the issue died down.

2Baba and wife, Annie Idibia

Innocent ‘2Baba’ Idibia and Annie Macaulay got married in May, 2012, and they have two daughters together.

Story: Asma’u Sani

Media: Innocent Idibia/Instagram