Nollywood Yoruba actor, Ayo Animashaun, has taken to his Instagram page @as_animashan on Friday 23rd December, 2022, in a sober but thankful state to give God the praises that he can while recounting how he recently survived a ghastly car accident on his way from Ibadan.

The ghastly car accident occurred on his way back to Lagos from Ibadan, where he had gone to inspect a portion of land, recounting how the car was completely written off as a trailer had ran him over and left his car spinning for almost 12 seconds while he felt like his breath leave his lungs and saw his journey flash through his eyes in a split second but yet he came out of it without any significant injury.

Yoruba actor Ayo Animashaun’s Instagram post

 “To be precise coming from where I went to inspect a portion of land in moniya Ibadan and almost back home in Lagos @magboro bus stop a trailer ran me over and left my car spinning for almost 12 secs and I saw a movie how my breath left my lungs and I had every of my journey flashed through my eyes. And split of secs. But the lesson I got that dat was anything and everything could be taking away from us at any moment WHEK you least expected it. BUT MY GOD SAVED ME AND I WILL FOREVER TESTIFY TO GOD’S Awesomeness“, he wrote.

Yoruba Actor Ayo Animashaun

While sharing videos from the accident, Ayo gave gratitude to God for his awesomeness and for saving him, saying he had learnt a lesson that day that anything and everything can be taken from us at any moment when you least expect it.

Story: Hilda Katu

Media: @as_animashaun/ Instagram


December 23, 2022