Nollywood actress, Empress Njamah, who has been in the news in the past month, after being  blackmailed and threatened by her ex-lover, with the release of her sex videos, has finally released statements, addressing the traumatizing experience she had with her now-estranged lover George Wade.

Nollywood actress Empress Njamah

Empress, has in a series of Instagram slides on 1st February, 2023, revealed the entire story, including the full extent of the damage he caused.

She said;

“I was glad I came out to speak, putting his picture out there have brought out so many of his victims. His know with different names and have really done terrible things to so many women. It’s his trade for years, take everything they have without mercy and blackmail them with their nudes. His pictures I out out have exposed a lot about him, the appropriate authorities are on it. He is still on the run, the police are on it. For those asking why I didn’t report to the police, of course I did. I mustn’t put everything on IG.

It’s a shame and a pity how a blog took his fabricated story and wrote lies about me. Complete lies, we are our own problem. Reason victims can’t come out to speak cause of how people judge. Curse humiliate them. I have listened to over a 100 women stories. It’s very sad that social media judges pick their phones to bully victims while the blackmailers roam the streets freely in due time when his apprehended by the authorities the real story will be made public and justice will be served.

When I said I have seen thousands of videos of known faces in his phones. People insulted me n said I was telling lies, not until people started opening up and talking. I have some of the videos I was able to take from his phones (which I gave the police). 2 reputable blogs confirmed it from the victims and reached out to me (thanks for being professional). Keep holding the facts, in due time). Same blackmailer have been to kirikiri prison (if only you knew his offensive) let me stop here for now.

The blackmailer ran away with my car, international passport, 3 phones, valuables worth millions. After taking all my money, but not my life like his done to so many kg his victims. Using my dm to chat ladies asking if they want to meet someone who will change their lives for good. (I will never ask for such) then he starts chatting them up on his phone asking for dollar account and their nudes. So many fall for this n his blackmailing them already. Really sad.

I went through a lot for months, all because I didn’t want my videos out there. Video calls this blackmailer recorded which people dating do and videos taken from my house during my shower. Because of his evil intentions. I was able go escape and run for my life from his regular beating, threats, humiliation. (I practically lived in the hospital) because I exposed him, he then posted the videos thinking I was the same scared person. I over powered him. Thank god am alive, free, getting my life back.”

In a statement by Kate Henshaw, the Actors Guild of Nigeria’s director of communications, the guild has called on security operatives to arrest Wade, adding that the act was a serious offense.

The lover was said to have blackmailed the actress and forced her to take many decisions that has affected her.

Story: Christy Dung