Actress Adesua Etomi, wife of singer/songwriter, Banky W, has released a remix of her husband’s hit song ‘Strong Ting’ as a tribute to him.

The actress cum singer revealed that she embarked on the taxing project as a way to pay homage to her “insanely talented husband”, Banky W.

Video Remixes of ‘Strong Thing’Song by Adesua

Adesua Etomi posted the video to her Instagram on Wednesday 11th August 2022. The remix she did is an acapella version which she voiced from start to finish, including beats, lead and background vocals.

She wrote;

“Did this as a tribute to my insanely talented husband @bankywellington

“Everything you hear was recorded by me, by mouth. It was stressful, but fun. I activated the ‘W’ in me that was hidden”.

Adesuwa Etomi and banky W strong ting remix
The Wellingtons

Reacting to the post, Banky W commented with;

@adesuaetomi take all my money and my music!!! 😍😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

The song, which flows a bit slower than the original version, maintains the same cadence and flow of ‘Strong Ting’ as we know it.

‘Strong Ting’ was first released by Banky W in 2009. Adesua Etomi’s version goes on record as a very worthy remix.

Story: Ralia Adama