Popular Nigerian comedian and actor Bright Okpocha known as Basketmouth, has opened up on his long time beef with his colleague AY whom he said has never been his friend.

He made this statement on ‘The Honest Bunch’ podcast with media personality Nedu Ani.

He said:

Just to set the record straight, number one, AY is not my friend. We have never been friends. I’ve never visited his house. I’ve never personally invited him to my house. I never ever call him one day say, ‘O boy where you dey make we hang out”.

 He said 90% of what his colleague AY said about their friendship and fight was a lie, as a lot of his friends had warned him about AY, calling him a snake who would only shed his skin to become a bigger snake.

AY and Basketmouth have been at loggerheads for 17 years, after an incident that happened in 2006, where AY said he was not paid his N30000 for standing in for Basketmouth at an event.

Story: Elizabeth Ereke