BBNaija reality TV star, Venita Akpofure, has issued a sincere apology to the Tiv people for her derogatory statement made about their culture during the show.

Venita Akpofure, BbNaija All-stars

Venita expressed regret over her careless comment, especially considering that her daughters are of Tiv heritage, during a post-eviction interview with media personality Hero Daniels.

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She said;

The statement I made about Tiv people got twisted a bit. My daughters are Tiv. There’s no way I will be trying to make any kind of malicious or slanderous comment towards their people. Actually, in my season we did a whole play around the Tor Tiv coronation which I participated in and was super excited about.
So, you know, sometimes you will say something, maybe it is a little bit careless. And I think it got misconstrued. And for those that are offended by it, I’m regretful about that.”

Venita Akpofure – BBNaija contestant

Venita clarified that her statement had been misconstrued, and she didn’t intend any malicious or slanderous remarks towards the Tiv people.

Venita Akpofure

The Tiv socio-cultural organization, Mdzough U Tiv, Lagos state branch, and a member of the House of Representatives had previously threatened legal action against her for defamation.

Story: Christy Dung