American singer, Beyoncé’s new album, “Renaissance”, which generated her high accolades, has also caused a faction of her fans to raise eyebrows at her for using a discriminatory term in one of the tracks.

The superstar used the word “spazz”, which is a derogatory term often used to demean people with Spastic cerebral palsy, on the 11th track, ‘Heated’ on her album. This caused a stir from her fans, as most of them said the use of the term left a sour taste and should not come from her. One of her followers on Instagram wrote:

Spastic cerebral palsy is the most common form cerebral palsy that affects muscles and movement. It is characterized by increased muscle tone. This makes muscles stiff and movements jerky and awkward.

Beyoncé’s spokesperson via statement to BBC explained that the word was not used intentionally in a harmful way, He also confirmed that the lyrics will be replaced.

Beyoncé is not the first artist to alter her lyrics, just couple of weeks ago US pop star Lizzo apologised for using the same word in her song GRRRLS.

Story: Favour Nneli

Media: @Beyonce/Instagram