The National Union of Electricity Employees, NUEE has instructed its members to fully mobilize in support of the nationwide strike initiated by Nigerian labor unions.

In a notice dated 28th September 2023, and signed by the acting General Secretary, Dominic Igwebike, the NUEE has urged its members to cease work starting from the early hours of 3rd October 2023.

In its statement, NUEE has urged its members to completely withdraw their services and participate in street protests and rallies until the government responds to their demands. The strike is in response to the high petroleum prices resulting from the removal of fuel subsidies and other anti-labor policies.

To ensure the success of the strike, NUEE has called on all national, state, and chapter executives to mobilize their members in full compliance with this directive. The nationwide withdrawal of services is set to commence at midnight on 3rd October 2023.

This strike by NUEE members could result in widespread power outages, given their crucial roles in electricity distribution across the country.

The Trade Union Congress, TUC and the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC had previously announced their plans for an indefinite strike starting on 3rd October 2023 to address the hardships caused by the removal of petrol subsidies. The TUC stated that the strike aims to pressure the government into addressing the challenges stemming from the removal of fuel subsidies.

Story: Christy Dung