Popular Nigerian skit maker and performer, Samuel Perry, nicknamed Broda Shaggi, says he no longer refers to Florence Otedola, also known as DJ Cuppy, as his love interest because his content has matured.

Broda Shaggi with DJ Cuppy

Shaggi, who previously mentioned DJ Cuppy as a love interest, explained why he came to a stop during a live broadcast on Hip TV.

“It was part of the content when I started at that time,” he explained, “but the content has altered now.” We’ve switched to a different topic content.” 

Shaggi, who is one of the most popular video providers on social media, also stated that he now works full-time in the field.

“I’ve made this my full-time job.” I schedule time to plan the shoot every time I make material. There isn’t enough time. I don’t get out very often. I prefer to spend my time indoors. I don’t go to clubs, not because it’s a negative thing, but because it’s not my style”. 

“I am inspired by my surroundings. I live alone, and when I’m alone, I get inspired, and most of the time when I’m alone, you’ll see me laughing. I live alone, scribble notes, and write stories,” he explained.

Story: Ralia Adama