Veteran Nigerian entertainer and social activist, Charly Boy has revealed that his marriage is intact despite previously hinting otherwise.

On Tuesday, 2nd August 2022, he tweeted that he was ‘tired of his marriage’ and went on to ask his followers what they would think if he returned to bachelorhood.

Charly Boy and Lady Dianne

Hours after his tweet went viral and raised eyebrows among his fans, Charly Boy published a series of tweets to denounce the speculation that he is leaving his union with Lady D.

Area Fada marriage tweet
Second Tweet by Charly Boy setting the records straight

The retraction tweet was made on Wednesday, 3rd August, 2022, to straighten out his previous statement about leaving his 45-year union with his wife, Lady Dianne.

His post reads;

Because of dis my recent post. Some winche pple don begin speculate say my marriage don crash. “Abegi ooooo. I just dey talk to many pple wey think say marriage shouldn’t feel like work. Or if it feels like work, we are doing it wrong. Lie.”

He went further to state that a marital union takes work and continuous effort because it is not on auto drive.

Charly Boy added;

Like anything else that is rewarding, we have to work at our marriages. And it’s OK if marriage is hard work! “It can never be on auto drive.”

Charly Boy has been married to Lady Dianne for 45 years and are blessed with three children.

Story : Hilda Katu