Nigerian comedian and actor, Chibuna Stanley, popularly known as Funny Bone, has advised restaurants and lounges in Lagos State to restrict the use of mobile phones on their premises or control the way it is used by customers on their premises.


The comedian, in his Instagram story post cautioned people against making their live location public on social media for safety reasons.

Funny Bone said the times are “bad” and told people who do not mind posting their live location on social media to be “respectful” and exclude others present from their posts.

His post said:

Sharing your live location on social media is no longer dope. Times are bad. Protect yourself. Times are bad. Y’all be safe out there.

Be tactful and respectful enough to exclude people around from your videos when sharing your live locations for social media.”

He went on to warn people against adding him to their live video location posts.

Funny Bone’s advice comes a few days after  African rapper AKA was gunned down to death in a drive-by shooting in Durban, South Africa. 

The rapper was shot at a restaurant a few minutes after sharing his live location on Instagram.

Celebrities always draw public attention. Sharing their live location leads to the area being filled with people who want a selfie or autograph. But in some cases, as witnessed with AKA, the reception is hostile, which could lead to the loss of lives.

Story: Ralia Adama

Media: Funnyboneofficial/ Instagram