Actor, Jim Iyke shared in an interview on Teatalk with media personality Toke Makinwa that the delayed grieving process following his mother’s death significantly impacted his marriage, ultimately leading to its breakdown.

Jim Iyke, Actor

In a video which started trending on Saturday, 28th October 2023, Iyke who was in the company of Chidi Mokeme, Kate Henshaw, attributed the breakdown of his marriage with Lithuanian ex-wife, Dana Kinduryte to his deferred grief, mainly linked to the loss of his late mother.

Iyke further disclosed that being the only sole male figure in the family, he felt compelled to remain strong, leaving little room for emotional expression.

He said in part;

I was dealing with two parallels that I could not contain. I just lost my mom, and I was in a place where I didn’t know how to navigate the motions the woman was giving me. I just needed somebody. She didn’t need me that way. She needed to love me, and I would love her back, and I couldn’t reciprocate. I turned all my attention on our child, and she didn’t know how to deal with it. I didn’t grieve properly. I was the second head of the family; my father had fallen apart emotionally, and I had only sisters.

Jim Iyke – Actor

Jim revealed that his ex-wife tried to provide him with affection and emotional support throughout this difficult time. He did admit, though, that he was unable to return her affection.

Consequently, the inability to properly mourn his mother’s passing took a toll on his relationship, leading him to focus his attention solely on their child, leaving his partner feeling neglected, which eventually led to conflict in their marriage.

Story: Christy Dung

Credit: LindaIkeje