Voters in Ward 007, Garki 2, polling Unit, Abuja, were agitated as INEC officials ran out of ink for voting in the course of the accreditation and voting process for over 2000 voters present.

The voters who on Saturday, 25th February, 2023, flooded polling units around the Garki area in the heart of Abuja to cast their votes, from as early as 4.30am, however the INEC officials arrived hours behind the expected time.

Some voters spoke about the inadequacy of the inks and said that after registration of about 50 to 60 person the ink finished. This halted the voting process till the INEC officials returned from their office with more ink hours later.

On the other hand, A voter praised the BVAS device, saying it was going to change the game for those that specialize in election rigging.

Precious Omekwu, Observer from Christian Council of Nigeria explains some steps that were taken to control the situation.

Many voters appealed to INEC to extend the voting time at the Polling units that had such issues.

Story: Nasiru Yunusa