Former President, Francois Bozize, of Central African Republic, presently on exile in Guinea Bissau, has been given a life sentence in prison in absentia for his participation in a plot and a rebellion on Friday, 22nd September 2023.

Ousted President of Central African Republic, Francois Bozize

Bozize and his cronies were convicted guilty of killings and endangering the internal security of the state by an appeals court in the capital city of Bangui.

The verdict also covers two of Bozize’s sons and 20 other co-accused, the majority of whom are rebel leaders.

The judgement is silent regarding the precise period and the particular offences for which they were found guilty.

Armed forces with a predominance of Muslims overthrew Bozize from power, starting a protracted civil war, in an effort to recover power. On the other hand, Bozize organised Christian-dominated anti-Balaka militias that were armed.

Bozize, 76, is the head of the Coalition of Patriots for Change CPC, an alliance of rebel groups compelled to form in December 2020.

He lived in exile in Chad, until March, when he moved to Guinea Bissau.

Story:Hilda Katu