According to reports from blogger Tosin Silverdam, JJC Skillz got married to an Ebira woman from Kogi state named Falilat in Kano state. Silverdam also shared a video of the couple’s alleged wedding invitation card that displayed that the event took place on10th February, 2023.

JJC Skillz’s alleged secret remarriage has now drawn a reaction from one of his sons, Benito, who has taunted his father and noted that the new bride was his 100th wife; he also revealed that he feels pity for her.

Benito shared his thoughts on it. The youngster dropped a comment on a post by Instagram blogger, Cutie_Jullss, and expressed concern for his father’s new bride.

However, JJC Skillz seems to be unbothered by the reports on social media, and he recently took to his Instagram page to share a new post, he has ignored talks on his alleged new marriage. ! In his usual manner every Friday, JJC shared quotes from the Quran as he inspired fans with his message.

He wrote: “

Allah does not burden a soul beyond what it can bare. In his favor shall be whatever good he does and against him whatever evil he does. O Allah Condemn us not if we forget, or miss the mark. Lay not on us such a burden as those who lived before us! O Allah Impose not on us that which we have no strength to bear! Pardon us, absolve us and have mercy on us. You are our Protector and give us victory against people who deny the truth Amin. Jumaat Mubarak.”

Story: Christy Dung