Ghanaian content creator and dancer, Ernest Raja, known as Official Starter, in a heartwarming gesture of kindness and appreciation, has taken the viral market women he often dances with on their first-ever flight.

Official Starter, Ghanian content creator and dancer

The joyful event unfolded as Official Starter documented their journey to the Upper West Region of Ghana in a video shared on his Instagram page.

Official Starter and the lively market women have gained widespread fame for their infectious dance videos in the bustling marketplaces of Accra.

Their performances have captured the hearts of viewers worldwide, with millions of people tuning in to watch their energetic moves.

In this remarkable adventure, the market women, who have become internet sensations alongside Official Starter, embarked on their maiden flight.

However, It was a momentous occasion for them, as their beaming smiles spoke volumes about their excitement.

The generous content creator decided to make their dream of flying come true as a token of gratitude for their collaboration in creating entertaining content.

Official Starter’s videos have garnered a massive online following, and his dedication to spreading joy is evident through such acts of kindness.

Raja and his dancing market women recently got a shout-out from Nigerian Afrobeat star, Burna Boy, who mounted a billboard in celebration of them.

Official Starter also shared that his late mother, who was a trader herself, inspired him to put smiles on the faces of market women.

His visits to various markets in Accra, have entertained and uplifted the spirits of those he interacts with.

Story: Asma’u Sani

Media: Official Starter/ Instagram