Anita Okoye, the ex-wife of Nigerian singer Paul Okoye, also known as Rude Boy, has recently shared a personal information in a post on her Instagram story about her experiences of multiple miscarriages while she was married.

 Anita was writing in reference to the Nigerian movie ‘The Wait‘ a story of different women who had fertility issues and were trusting God for their own children.

Anita Okoye’s Instagram story post

According to her, the movie was a rollercoaster and recounted how it opened up closed wounds for her:

“This movie had me on a rollercoaster of emotions…

Having gone through 4 miscarriages myself, it undoubtedly reopened closed wounds. But look at me today!!

“There really is purpose in #TheWait and it truly is #WorthTheWait.

 I am aware that occasionally the silence can be unbearably loud….. Trust that God, in his infinite mercy will NEVER forsake you

And it truly is a privilege to #WaitOnGod. I am a living testimony!!!

Anita Okoye

Anita also used the opportunity to motivate people going through the same experience. She said they should trust God because He will never forsake them. According to Anita, it is a privilege to wait on God and she is a living testimony.

Anita Okoye shared her gratitude to the cast and crew of the movie for bringing attention to the sensitive topic of miscarriages.

Story: Hilda Katu

Media: @anita_okoye/ Instagram