Nigerian singer Davido, recently explained the inspiration behind his ‘Timeless’ album cover art.

In an interview, Davido, revealed that the album cover art is linked to his late son Ifeanyi, who passed away in 2022.


According to the singer, his son loved nature, and his best animal was the Elephant.

While explaining further, he added that the bird on the tree to the left side on the cover, represents Ifeanyi, who was with him while he recorded some of the songs on the album.

Davido, disclosed that he wanted to make timeless music, one that, in twenty years, would still have the same effect as when it first came out.

The singer cited an example of how he picks songs he made thirteen years ago whenever he performs, he still gets the same crowd reaction.

Since the release of the album, it has continued to top charts and attain new records.

Story: Hilda Katu