Viewers of American Idol, season 21 episode 17, held on the 7th of May 2023, got a royal surprise when the newly crowned royals appeared in a live stream alongside judges Katy Perry and Lionel Richie, who were at King Charles’ coronation.

The clip of there appearance on the show was shared to theroyalfamily Instagram handle by American Idol.

In their Idol debut, it is befitting that the king and queen consort decided to stop by the competition series.

At the beginning of the clip, we see the American Idol hosts talking about the coronation. Then Richie says, “Now, we’re trying to figure out what can we do to bring something different to the show?

Immediately after, he asks Perry to scoot over and King Charles and Queen Camilla are seen walking into the shot.

In the rest of the clip, we see the king and queen consort joking around with the American Idol judges, with King Charles asking:

“I just wanted to check—how long will you be using this room for?”
But in a moment of seriousness, the king thanked the pair for performing during the coronation weekend, saying,

Thank you so much for your brilliant performance.” And then, when he asked them if they’d be coming to the party next door, AKA the coronation festivities, Richie says, “As soon as we finish, we’re coming to the party.”

Next time, we would love to see these royals do a cover of a Katy or Lionel song.

Story: Christy Dung