A breach of the Medium Security Custodial Centre, in Kuje, Abuja, has led to increased security concerns and fears among residents of the Federal Capital territory, FCT, in Abuja.

The attack on the centre started at about 10 p.m. on Tuesday night, 5th July, 2022, with scores of terrorists storming the location with motorcycles and according to witnesses, detonating improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and grenades.

The invasion, which lasted for over two hours, was said to have started hours after President Muhammadu Buhari’s advance team of security and protocol officers was ambushed on their way to Katsina state.

Aftermath of the attack on the correctional facility.

Mr Adebayo, a staff with the Medium Security Custodial Centre in Kuje, took to his Twitter account @AlBayozBabs to write about the impact of the attack on the centre.

“I worked in Kuje prison for more than 6 years and mostly on night shifts where danger is on the high risks.

“I have witnessed so many attacks but you see this one, these boys came prepared for us. Imagine an attack for more than 2 hours”, he tweeted.

Some Twitter users also wrote about their views of the incursion, mostly stating their fears:

@AlBayozBabs: I stay in kuje too and I’ve never experienced something like this before 💔💔💔💔Never knew danger can come this close.

In reply to @AlBayozBabs’s tweet, @heyitsKingAlex wrote: Me too. And this is the mistake Nigerians keep making. Nobody is safe. Never in my life did I imagine that I’ll experience something like this but here are.

@oMefiele: Y’all be safe out there.. These guys equally have ppl monitoring SM giving them real time info.

@igbo_nigerian: Kuje is not far from the airport in Abuja , if terrorist could attack the Kuje prison facility for bout 3hrs and our security operatives could not reinforce quickly in less than 20mins to over run them then our national security apparatus is a mess. The airport is also not safe.

Acccording to reports, there was delay in reinforcement on the part of security forces, which enabled the terrorists have a field day as a barrage of bullets was fired throughout the assault.

The situation has caused panic in and around the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) with residents apprehensive about the safety.

Some Nigerians living around the area took to social media to give live updates of the incident.

@bobbyfessy: Kuje prison has been under attack for over an hour now due to tweets I’m seeing and nobody have even tweeted The security agents have clamped down on these terrorists, Abuja is our  capital & the security operatives haven’t gotten the news yet💔😔😫

@erujejesanity: Prison break happened in Ikoyi, we all saw videos and pictures, the deadliest attack happened in Kuje prison, up until now, no pictures, no videos, just talk, tweets and breaking News…na WA for this Abuja people, una too fear #kujeprison.

@_DebbieTheBee_: We heard the first explosion and our roof shook, we jerked up from bed wondering what happened. Then I searched Kuje on twitter, that was when I saw tweets that the prison was under attack. The gunshots were heavy and rapid, the explosions too.

Since the invasion, Military Forces have mounted road blocks in and around Kuje, and are conducting road searches on cars as they pass.

Story: Asma’u Sani