Daniel Onyemachi, known as Machi gold prank, has received heavy beating from his prankster after He kept Ring light on the ground and made it sound like a time bomb, which frighten his pranksters and made them take to their heels, only to end up dancing to the music coming from the Ring light.

Machi gold prank is a fast-rising Nigerian comedian. He is an online comedian and content creator who is popular for his hilarious and prank-creative comedy skits on social media platforms.

He started his comedy as an online entertainer a few years back. He has been consistent with giving his fans the best laughs. who never lack content to post. Some of his pranks videos are running away without paying pranks, fake stealing, and a lot of others.

while some of the people he pranked acted cool until they were told it was for the gram, Ascertain some will cheesed him down the road and probably give he the beating of his life.

Story: Ralia Adama