Award winning Nigerian author and writer, Chimamanda Adichie, has made an entry into children’s literature with the book titled “Mama’s Sleeping Scarf”.

Nigerian writer, Chimamanda Adichie

Adichie made this known via her Instagram page, on Friday, 24th March, 2023, which she said, it will be published by “@harpercollinsch (UK) and @aaknopf (US) on 5th September”.

Award winning author and writer Chimamanda Adichie, announcing her new children’s book

The writer is seen smiling as she briefly introduces her new work to the world, she describes it to be a book that shows how “delightful the ordinary every day things can be, also stating that its based on “A day in the life of my daughter”.

Mama’s Sleeping Scarf is a heartwarming story about a little girl’s love for her mother’s scarf and the fun and adventures she experiences with it and her family. The book features stunning illustrations by Congolese Angolan artist Joelle Avelino and “Is a celebration of family, and a touching story about the everyday objects that remind us of the ones we love”.

Story: Christy Dung