American R&B singer, NeYo, has called on his fans to respect and give his family the privacy to work through the breakdown of his marriage, following his wife’s allegations that he had cheated on her with multiple women.

NeYo wrote on his Twitter handle:

Ne-yo Twitter

Over the weekend, Ne-Yo ‘s wife, Crystal Renay, claimed her husband of 8-years had sexual intercourse with a number of women, who each sold their bodies to him unprotected.

In the lengthy Instagram post, Crystal called Ne-Yo a narcissist, adding that she was heartbroken and disgusted at him.

The 36 year old model, wrote on her Instagram page: “8 years of life and deception. 8 years of unknowingly sharing my life and husband with numerous women who sell their bodies to him unprotected every last one of them.”

Interestingly Ne-yo liked the post on Instagram before taking to Twitter on Sunday, 31st July, where he made a post in reply.

Ne-Yo and Crystal remarried picture

The couple, who were remarried two years after initially filing for divorce, have 3 children together.

While the singer did not deny the allegations, he did say that he would work through the challenges with his wife behind closed doors.

Story: Ralia Adama


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    The most interesting fact about this story to me is just Neyo’s response after the whole allegation saga following even the bumps and grinds… The hurdles and tunnels and ofcourse every other changes the duo have been going through even as parents…

    I like the way he didn’t even bother about pleading guilty or innocent… He rather went straight on to the bull’s eye… Heck! Do you think marriage and family issues are the most suitable for the public to digest like every other social discuss items?

    Each and every single couple and family have got their own issues too… How they deal with all of these exigencies is all up to them and the resultant outcome is strictly their individual cup of coffee to both sip and swallow…

    By and large though… It’s really not so easy to be a superstar… So take courage Neyo and deal with it… Peace ✌🏽