Popular Nigerian comedian Basketmouth, while addressing his long-time beef with colleague AY, disclosed that they do not have a photo together


A throwback photo of the duo has surfaced and has gone viral on social media. planting doubts in the minds of fans over Basketmouth’s interview while some people sided with Basketmouth, others called him out over his unforgiving spirit.

Some fans react to the photo

supertone: wrote 

Person go just Dey vex for him fellow man for almost 17 years. That’s pure hatred. Change and forgive while you’re still alive.” 

amax_oh: wrote 

And na basket smile pass o! This life!” 

g_b_e_n_g_a: wrote

“I do not doubt that AY could have been a snitch or a fake friend and I am also certain he is not so much of a good comedian but I also know for sure that Basketmouth is a bitter guy. He surrounds himself with people who hate AY and her also jealous of his success. The bitterness needs to end. Anyway, old age gets as e dey solve everybody’s pride.”

thepsycologist: wrote

Any guy that drags beef is not a greeat guy.”

vigereal: “wrote

The point is, Basket does not regard AY as his friend.. Simple.!! No be by force…. They both have different sides to the same story and the truth is, we will NEVER really know who is actually 100% true.”

ezeokwu_bu_ndu: wrote

“There’s a reason that beautiful lady left him. Heart like STONE.”

AY and Basketmouth have been at loggerheads for 17 years, after an incident that happened in 2006, where AY said he was not paid his N30000 for standing in for Basketmouth at an event.

Story: Ralia Adama