Nigerian film producer actor and comedian, Ayo Makun, known as AY, has shared advice via a tweet and post on his Instagram page, on how his colleagues can protect their mental health and save themselves from depression by being mindful of what they share or partake in on social media, said ”Balance is key”.

Nigerian comedian, AY

AY urged them to stop seeking validation from social media users, as whatever is posted about them, will never make the people who genuinely love them leave.

In his words:

It’s time to stop seeking validation from social media. No matter the truth or lies about you or your personality. Those who love u still love u. Save yourself from depression, protect your mental health. Connect, spend time with, and build relationships with real people in your life.”

He noted that there is a need to set boundaries and be cautious of what they take on social media, in order to avoid the prying eyes of bloggers.

We need to set boundaries and be mindful of what we share or partake on social media. Balance is key. This is a place where people fly with available information. Bloggers will forever go with any information that brings them relevance and trends. There is no respect or empathy. People seem to think the more negative positions they take, the more relevant they become“.

AY added,

“Some have become judges in issues they know little about and have through bad comments and lack of empathy, sent many to their graves. The search for validation is most often unhealthy because it gives people, especially strangers, too much power in determining one’s self-worth.”

Story: Elizabeth Ereke