A talented Nigerian artist, Divine Favour, has moulded the popular ‘African giant’ star, Burna Boy’s face with ‘eba’.

Divine Favour’s post

The Grammy-winning musician trended online after he performed at the UEFA League Finals, which seemed to have inspired Divine.

Taking to her Instagram page, the artist shared a series of photos she had taken after moulding a likeness of Burna Boy’s face.

Miss Divine Favour

Divine Joked about how she had taken photos with Burna Boy during the UEFA League Finals.

Moulded face of Afrobeats Singer,Burna Boy

She wrote:

So I was with Burna Boy at the UEFA Champions League Final, we couldn’t miss it for anything. He was so happy to see me, and we took these pictures together evidence.”

The image was a replica of the music star and even had his signature dreadlocks, among other facial features.

Story: Hilda Katu

Media: divinefavour_art/ Instagram