Talented Nigerian lady, Ihezie Chisom Glory, has got the attention of many social media users as she showcased a creative dress she made out of rubber bands.

Chisom revealed in a video on her Instagram page, that she used an equivalent of ten thousand naira to buy the rubber bands to make the beautiful dress. 

After sharing the first clip, many people rushed to her comment section to ask how she was able to make such a beautiful piece from rubber bands. In response to someone asking her if she wears the dress out, the lady made another clip of herself outdoors in the outfit.

Many social media users who reacted to her post admired her creativity.

user4529644786874 said: “You’re just too creative. This talent should go viral.

Esther: “You will make rubber bands costly now.”

Faith Deeva Anyaoha: “It’s a really beautiful dress.”

change anna: “I hope you do take good pictures with these outfits for keeps cos they are phenomenal. They need to be kept in memory.”

chukwudumebioputa: “Will like learning how you do your designs.”

Story: Ralia Adama