A 28 year old Nigerian man, Chukwuwbuka Nwobodo, has been declared wanted by the police in Texas, USA in connection with the disappearance and alleged murder of a 24 year old lady.

Nwobodo has been charged in connection with the murder of Felicia Johnson, who disappeared after leaving a hotel in Houston on 16th April, 2022.

The late Miss Johnson

According to reports, the suspect purchased suspicious items and searched for multiple ways to get rid of a body among others from the net.

Detectives with the Houston Police  Department said “ Evidence indicates Nwobodo killed Johnson inside his apartment before disposing her in Bear Creek Pioneers Park”. It is believed he disposed of Johnson’s body at some point within the next few days.

According to court documents, Nwobodo was  arrested on 13th May 2022 after Police allegedly found blood in the trunk and backseat of his vehicle, which also contained a handgun, loose latex gloves, a shovel and large kitchen knife with blood on it. He, however, was released shortly after.

During a search at his home , investigators also found apparent blood stains throughout the residence and especially a large amount on the bedroom and hallway floors.

The stains were allegedly determined to be a probable match for Johnson’s DNA.

On 20th April 2022, Nwobodo allegedly looked up ‘How does one plan a murder without getting caught; and How to get away with murder’

A warrant search of his google accounts revealed several dubious internet searches , including how to dispose of a body and destroy evidence, as well as photos of dismembered women’s bodies and a picture of Johnson’s Uber pickup car that had picked her up.

Story: Hilda Katu