A 500L law Nigerian student at Ekiti State University, Isreal Adebiyi, has expressed his intentions in breaking the world record for the longest hours watching movies.

While revealing his plans on his Twitter page, Adebiyi shared his application with the Guinness World Records, indicating his intentions to make history and posted a screenshot of an email he received from the Guinness World Record confirm the acceptance of his application.

Thrilled by the positive response, Adebiyi thanked the World Record body for granting him the application, and requested his state Ekiti, and Nigerians to anticipate.

The record for the longest hours spent watching films according to the Guinness World Records, is presently held by Sri Lankan man Suresh Joachim, who achieved the feat in Johannesburg, South Africa, back in 2015.

Suresh spent 121 hours and 18 minutes to watching movies, setting a benchmark that Adebiyi aims to surpass.

Adebiyi intents to go over the 121 hours that Suresh has set.

Story: Hilda Katu

Media: Isreal watchathon/ Twitter