A Nigerian TikToker, @masha_jenny, has uploaded a video on her TikTok page, stating her reason for giving up skin bleaching after three years.

The social media user, who said she started bleaching her skin in 2016, stated in her comment section, that she gave up the act as bleaching is hard work and addictive.

In a video posted on her timeline, the social media user is visibly lighter complexioned and then transitions to a darker shade of black.

One of her followers asked her why she quit skin bleaching, to which she answered that it was because skin bleaching is hard work and addictive.

Many of her followers have hailed her for her decision, with some pointing out that she looked better in her natural complexion, while others stated the health benefits of not using harmful chemicals on her skin.

Story: Ene Ken-Yawe


December 10, 2022