Nigerian Twitter space, an individual, identified as Iriodalo Emmanuel Obhafuoso also known as Odalo, has been accused of employing deceptive tactics, including feigning a ‘heart condition,’ to manipulate women into sending him money.

Odalo, Twitter swindler

Elsa, a student and entrepreneur, recounts her encounter with Odalo, detailing how their online interaction gradually evolved into a close relationship.

Elsa’s trust in Odalo grew as he shared his supposed health struggles, supported by fabricated medical documents and pleas for financial assistance.

Elsa eventually realized she had been manipulated when a mutual friend disclosed Odalo’s fraudulent activities. Despite confronting him, Odalo failed to acknowledge his deceitful behaviour.

Subsequently, Elsa ceased all communication with him and exposed his actions. It was discovered that Odalo had similarly targeted numerous other women, employing similar tactics and fabricated medical documents to deceive and defraud them.

Furthermore, an investigation into the authenticity of Odalo’s medical documents revealed evidence of forgery, casting doubt on the legitimacy of his claims.

It is not certain who he truly is, as he shares different stories with multiple women. However, according to public records on YouTube, Odalo appears to be a rapper. He was featured in the 2019 song “The Martell cypher”. Identifying himself as “Odyssey,” he rapped from 2:25 minutes to 3:46 in the 5-minute song.

He also attended the University of Benin Demonstration Secondary School (UDSS). In footage published on Twitter, Odalo “admitted to duping the UDSS 14’ set of their money—over N400,000 for an alleged surgery”.

Despite the emotional and financial toll, Elsa and other victims have not pursued legal action against Odalo, citing the voluntary nature of their financial contributions.

In light of this incident, experts emphasize the need for victims to prioritize their well-being, remain vigilant for warning signs, and seek support from trustworthy individuals to navigate the aftermath of such scams.

Story: Christy Dung