Nigerian Actress, model and social media influencer. Monalisa Stephen says she’s fat not plus sized.
People have varying ideas about what beauty or body perfection should look like, but whichever way one may choose to see beauty, the most important thing is having a high dose of self esteem regardless of one’s body type.

In this age of digitization and social media influence, a lot of people have phobia for being called “fat” but Monalisa made the decision to step boldly into the adjective “fat” and embrace it “full chest”.

She stated this in an interview granted with Punch Newspaper on the 29th of April. 2023.

She said;
“I prefer being called fat because that is what I am. Some people find the term ‘fat’ offensive, so they tend to use ‘plus-sized’, ‘fluffy’, or ‘chubby’. But for me, it is what it is; I am fat. I will expect people to know that I am not angry when I am called fat. Being called plus-sized is not empowering for me…There is nothing wrong with being fat and accepting one’s body.”

Talking about being trolled on social media, she said- “Before now, it used to get to me because I always wondered why someone would pick up their phone and drop a hate comment on someone’s post they don’t even know…When I see such comments, I ignore them or use the ‘block’ button.”

Story: Folashade Akinola