Nollywood actress and film producer, Ruth Kadiri, has threatened to take legal action against a Ghanaian television station for playing her films without her consent, in a video she posted on her Facebook page on Monday, 2nd September, 2023.

Ruth Kadiri, Nigerian actress and film producer

She added that even though she loves and respects Ghanaians they would hear from her lawyer if they keep stealing her content.

I love my Ghanaian family so much. I love the country as a whole. But I’m very disappointed that major TV stations in Ghana would go on my platform, rip my content apart, and show it on TV like they have the license to do that. This is the first and will be the last warning. Next time, you will hear from my lawyers. Please, let’s not start dragging ourselves through the mud because I expect so much more from you.

Ruth Kadiri, Nollywood actress

According to the Nollywood actress, the media entities she threatened do not have licenses to use or reproduce her content on their stations.

Story: Rita Bulus

Media: Ruth Kadiri/ Facebook/ Instagram