Speculations on whether the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be attending King Charles’ coronation ceremony on Saturday, 6th May, 2023, had been finally laid to rest as Buckingham Palace, on 12th April 2023, confirmed that Prince Harry will attend the Coronation of Britain’s King Charles without Meghan Markel, his wife.

Both Prince Harry and King Charles had a sincere conversation before confirming the coronation attendance. Royal insiders suggest that personal chat between both of them showed there was a “willingness and wanting to mend on both sides.”

They also claimed that Harry attending the ceremony has proved that he wants to “show support for his father.”

Charles will be crowned at London’s Westminster Abbey on Saturday, 6th May, 2023, which also happens to be Prince Harry’s son, Archie’s 4th birthday.

Though Prince Harry will be attending the coronation, a royal expert has stated that he is likely to be excluded from key parts of the ceremony. 

Meghan’s non-attendance has raised eyebrows and questions unanswered in the hearts of many lovers of the royal family.

Story: Folashade Akinola