The famous Twin Afropop duo, Psquare, has released two tracks, Jaiye (Ihe Geme) and Find Somebody to the pleasure of their teeming fans. An impactful way to announce their return to the music scene as a group.

The highly anticipated songs hit the world wide web at midnight on the twenty second day of July, 2022 (22-07-22).

Jaiye which was released with a befitting video that has over 300,000 views on their official Youtube account and counting, has a feel-good up-beat tempo. Find Somebody is a mid-tempo love ballad that has themes of commitment and matrimony.

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Jaiye by Psquare Video

September 2017 was a dark time in Nigeria and beyond when our beloved Peter and Paul Okoye, known collectively as ‘PSquare’ broke up. Prior to this, there had been outbursts on social media including a video. The video saw Peter ‘Mr P’ ranting in a conference room with his twin, Paul ‘Rude Boy’, and their older brother and former manager, Jude Okoye.

That is all in the past now, as the brothers have made up. This includes their wives who were rumoured to have also been on the outs with each other, and the alleged cause of the brothers’ breakup.

Psquare song art

The new songs can be found on the official Psquare Youtube account here.

Which is your favourite, Jaiye or Find Somebody?

Story: Makcit Rindap

Media: OfficialPsquare/Youtube