Suspected kidnapper, John Ikechuwkwu Ewa, alias ‘John Lyon’, has got social media users talking, as several pictures and videos of the former Banker have made the rounds since his arrest on Sunday, 25th September 2022.

Lyon was arrested by Nigerian Police detectives who traced the alleged kidnapper from Bayelsa State and found him in his hideout in Abuja. The arrest came, following allegations of his involvement in several kidnappings in Nigeria.

Subsequently, a video of him pleading for mercy where he appeared to be weeping and only clad in his undergarments, handcuffed and on his knees was released and went viral on Social Media.

In the video, he claimed his wife was just delivered of a baby boy and he had only participated in two kidnappings before his arrest, while a voice in the background suspected to be that of a Police officer was heard interrogating the suspect in pidgin English, asking: “So, are you saying it is only two persons you have joined your gang to kidnap?” and Lyon responded, “Yes, sir.”, to which the policeman responded, “You are a liar!”

A man who claimed to be one of his victims challenged Lyon that he saw him while he was in captivity. Although his face was not shown in the video, the man, who also spoke in pidgin, shouted on top of his voice, saying: “I saw you on one of the days when I was almost beaten to death in your den. You slept on a bench while I was being tortured. When we get to the court, I will identify you before the judge.”

Lyon, who continued weeping paused for a while and said, “Oga, I don’t know anything about your matter.”
In other videos and pictures, Lyon is seen Flexing as big boy flaunting himself as a big boy before his arrest by the Police.

Videos of the suspect flaunting his luxurious lifestyle have also, since gone viral on social media.
In one of the videos, the suspect is seen displaying wads of dollars, repeatedly saying, “Money is good. Hustle! Hustle!! Hustle!!!”

The suspect, who reportedly operated in Bayelsa State, was also seen in different branded shirts of one of the leading political parties in the country.
In one of the pictures, he posed with armed security operatives at an event which looked like a campaign rally of the politician the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) declared winner of the last governorship election in Bayelsa, but was sacked by the Supreme Court few days to inauguration.

In the wake of Lyon’s areest, Paul Okoye of Psquare wrote:

Other social media users have also expressed their shock and emotions, saying:

Story: Christy Dung