Nigerian relationship blogger, Blessing Okoro, aka Blessing CEO, has sparked dating rumours with Ikechuckwu Ogbonna, also known as IVD, after she took to Instagram to post a picture of the hand of a mystery man, who tattooed her name on his hand.

She, however ensured his face was not seen in the picture.In the post she said:

Never been so bold to post any MAN on my timeline on social media .

But I don’t know why you seem soo right.❤

Mixed feelings(fear and excitement)

I taught my feelings had died with my past, but you came and made it easy and effortless for me to bend almost all my rules and open my boundaries.

You are strong because so many MEN tried even with money, but I did not bend. But you came and did nothing and I tumbled and fallen for you.

Thank you boo boo.

And I am happy to say ❤ you.

I love the Tatooooo❤❤❤

It’s my wallpaper and screen saver.”

After her post went viral, many of her fans took to the comment section and stated that the man’s hand is exactly like that of IVD, the late BImbo oGbonna’s estranged husband.

They also compared the picture Blessing CEO posted and that of IVD and insisted that the relationship expert has fallen for the auto dealer.

After her post generated a lot of questions by her fans, she answered a curious fan in a live Instagram session by saying;

“Do you think even if I have something with IVD, is it suppose to be a private affair? It’s my private life. When you are a public figure, people want to go into your privacy. I don’t owe the public that explanation whether it’s IVD or it’s anybody, I don’t owe the public content. I’m not suppose to put out my private life in public”.

Recall that IVD recently lost his wife, Bimbo, under unclear circumstances and Blessing CEO was one of those who greatly defended the businessman.

IVD,Blessing CEO’s supposed mstery man

Blessing had spoken out in favor of iVD when many accused IVD of being the cause of death of his late spouse Bimbo.

Bimbo died from fire injuries on Otober 15,2022, after a dispute with her husband, IVD at their residence in Megamound Estate, Lekki.

Story: Hilda Katu