Popular Nigerian stylist, Toyin Lawani, also known as TiannaEmpire, has come under fire for a blunder on an outfit she designed and created for BBNaija level up star, Hermes, for the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever African premiere, held in Lagos on 6th November, 2022.

BBNaija Level Up star, Hermes, rocked the outfit, which had a cape attached, to the premiere with a message dedicated to the late Black Panther super Star, Chadwick Boseman, who died of colon cancer back in August 2020.

The cape on Hermes’ outfit had the inscription “RIP Chad Boswick”, greatly misspelling the late actor’s name, which was “Chadwick Boseman”.

Toyin, who has been responsible for styling Hermes outfits since he left the BBNaija house, designed the peculiar outfit he adorned to the show. The outfit would originally passed as a super lovely one, especially for the fact that it was supposed to be in tribute to Boseman, had the big blunder not happened.

In a video online, Hermes was seen showing off his outfit with Toyin saying “Wakanda can never be the same without ‘Chad Boswick“.

While some had attempted to make excuses for her at the beginning, Toyin lost all hopes of redemption when the video surfaced online.

Nigerians have expressed embarrassment at the ordeal.

Onyibekee :“But how do u go into something without making proper research about it? And no one in her team recognised d mistake? This is so embarrassing for a public figure like her. That’s how that one was asking a lead character in d movie what her name is. Smh!

Jamal: i’m embarrassed on behalf of my people. you wan do triboot, least you can do is know the deceased’s actual name. you people are razz abeg“.

EGOLISA “No one in her entire team could google his actual name? Even the Hermes does not know T’challa’s name? Nawa“.

Toyin, Hermes and her entire team have been dragged for the grave error with many wondering why no one was able to spot it before it was displayed to millions of people.

Story: Ene Ken-Yawe