The annual Isiokpo Bicycle carnival, was held in the last weekend of 2022, in Ikwerre Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria, to mark the end of year in style.

The annual event is organised by the locals to highlight the significance of the bicycle in their culture. It is the only bicycle carnival in Nigeria and one of the biggest carnivals in West Africa.

Ikwerre Bicycle Carnival

The Bicycle Carnival saw hundreds of participants in traditional attires cruise around town on their bicycles to celebrate, while hundreds of spectators lined up on the streets to watch the cyclists during the colorful bicycle parade.

Family Participating in the carnival

While some had passengers at the back of their bicycles, some participants can been seen riding with outdated radio and television sets that are almost extinct.

Cyclist with an outdated radio set

For the people of Isiokpo in Rivers State, the significance of the festival is to celebrate the people’s inherent usage of bicycles since creation. Till date, the Ikwerre people are known for using bicycles to convey their farm loads.

The carnival aims at showcasing Nigeria’s beautiful culture and tradition to world, while keeping the participants physically fit during the exercise.

Story: Hauwa Mohammed