Portuguese footballer and former Manchester United striker, Cristiano Ronaldo, has shared a video clip of his kids dancing to Rema’s ‘CalmDown’ Nigerian song, on his Instagram story, which has gone viral. 

The video has led to a lot of reactions across different social media platforms in Nigeria. In the trending video, Ronaldo’s son and daughters danced to Rema’s global hit, ‘Calm Down.’ 

Video of Ronaldo’s Kids Dance

Rema’s reaction to the video;

The last year 2022, during the World Cup in Qatar, the same Rema song Calm Down.’ was also heard in some stadiums. And now it is Cristiano Ronaldo giving his validation of the song. In the clip on Ronaldo’s page, his kids were joyously singing along and dancing to ‘Calm Down’ before running to ride on their bikes. 

Story: Ralia Adama

Media: Christiano/ Instagram