Popular Nigerian social media influencer, Dr. Chinonso Egemba, better known as Aproko Doctor, has opened up about his health challenge with brain tumor throughout December 2022.

According to Egemba, he was diagnosed on 5th December, 2022, saying it was so bad that he couldn’t read out of his phone anymore, to the point where one of his eyes was beginning to close, making him partially blind.

He made this revelation through a video post, shared on his Instagram page, detailing how he battled for his life all through the month of December, 2022, all the experiences and the surgery he had to undergo.

He said;

Today I stand here before you to share my story. It has been a long road to recovery but each day is better than the last.”

For the past three weeks or two weeks, I have been fighting for my life. Some of you have no idea. It happened that I was diagnosed with Craniopharyngioma which is a brain tumor and I had no idea I would be sharing my story.”

In recounting his experience, he revealed that he underwent brain surgery in Nigeria, and it was a neurosurgeon, Dr. Tayo Ojo, who operated on him.

“It was Dr. Tayo Ojo, a neurosurgeon here in Nigeria that did the surgery. So many people begged me to leave the country and get the surgery done, but something kept me back here because I still had trust in us. We just need more investment in our health sector,” he said.

One thing to understand is that health issues can happen to you regardless of who you are including me,” He added.

Social media Influencer, Aproko Doctor

Over the years, Egemba has used his videos to enlighten people via his various social media handles, about health related matters and life changes, that can improve and maintain good health.

Egemba got married to fellow influencer, Chiamaka Nwakalor better known as Chef Amaka, in June of 2020.

Story: Hilda Katu

Media: @aproko_doctor/ Instagram


January 17, 2023