Nigerian social media influencer, Tunde Ednut, has raised at least N2m to support Nigerian student, Hassan Bamidele Tekeeb, who trended on social media after a video of him lamenting about life’s struggles in an interview with GuardianTV went viral.

Mr. Ednut quickly made a post, searching for the Video Tech student of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, after viewing the viral video.

He captioned the post “We can’t help everyone, cause so many are going through this same thing, but this guy here has touched me in a different way. I iust wanna do something little for him. Holla at me guys. I need his contact oO!”

Friends of the influencer responded positively after he made a post with the caption “I want my rich friends, my rich bosses on this page that loves me, before the end of the night to please come together and give this guy wet him luck shine today #2,000,000”

His rich friends and bosses, to the surprise of many, him inclusive, responded.

Mr. Ednut expressed his surprise as he posted ‘like play, like play dem don donate money. They raised N2 million for Bamidele to start a business.

Story: Ralia Adama

Media: mufasatundeedunt/amazingdibamzy/Instagram