A judge at the Lagos State High Court sitting in Ikeja, Justice Hakeem Oshodi, on Monday, 20th November 2023, voiced concerns over the presence of charms and other fetish objects inside his courtroom.

Justice Oshodi cautioned against such acts, stating that a talisman was discovered after a previous adjourned date during a murder case trial.

Referring to these items as ‘property,’ he warned the audience not to leave such things in the courtroom as such things don’t work.

The case involves five suspects charged by the Lagos State Government for attempted murder and the murder of Ifeanyi Etunmuse at Western Funeral Home in Ijede, Lagos.

During the trial, the defense counsel cross-examined Babatunde Olayinka, the prosecution witness.

Olayinka described hiding in a cemetery during the incident and witnessing a group wielding machetes near Oluwatosin Onamade’s compound, where he later noticed a dead body nearby.

However, when asked if the defendants were connected to the body, Olayinka couldn’t confirm their involvement.

The defense counsel questioned whether Femi Onamade, a relative, was familiar with the defendants, to which Olayinka affirmed.

Later, during re-examination by the prosecution, Olayinka clarified that he saw the machete-wielding group entering the compound.

Consequently, the prosecution requested a witness summons for Femi Onamade, which the judge granted, adjourning the trial until February 19th, 2024.