Popular American singer, songwriter and dancer, Christopher Brown had a wardrobe malfunction as his trouser tore while performing on stage.

Chris Brown was performing to thousands of his fans at an event when his pants ripped in-between his legs.

A video captures the moment when the R&B singer’s trouser tears whilst performing and it stirred reactions from some fans. The happy fans at the arena could not stop chanting his name with others screaming with so much happiness.

Immediately Brown realized what occurred to his trouser, he stopped performing and went in search of an alternative. He couldn’t help himself and burst into laughter as he covered the area with his jacket.

This isn’t the first time Chris has ripped his pants while dancing on stage. In 2015, Breezy – as he is sometimes called – had a similar incident during his show in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The crooner, who paired his too-tight jeans with a fitted black T-shirt on that day, was dancing along to “Hit The Quan” as the dance moves proved too much for his jeans.

A large hole ripped right along the crotch of Chris’ fitted trousers, revealing his red boxers as he danced. However, the star continued with the performance, only running backstage to change once the song was over.

Story: Ralia Adama