South African comedian and TV host, Trevor Noah, has announced he is standing down as host of ‘The Daily Show’ after hosting it for seven(7) years.

‘The Daily Show’ host, Trevor Noah

Noah made the announcement on Thursday, 29th September, 2022, with a video on the show’s Twitter handle.
“My time is up”, he said.

The 38-year-old has hosted the satirical news and talk show since taking over from Jon Stewart in 2015.

“It’s been absolutely amazing. It’s something that I never expected,” he said of his experience hosting the show. “I found myself thinking throughout the time of everything we’ve gone through. The Trump presidency, the pandemic, just the journey, more pandemic and I realize that after the seven years, my time is up”.

“I remember when we first started… so many people didn’t believed in us,” he said. “[Appointing me as host] was a crazy bet to make. I still think it was a crazy choice, this random Africa”, Noah recounted.

He thanked the show’s crew and loyal fans for an “amazing seven years”, adding: “It’s been wild, truly wild”.

“I’m really grateful to a network who believed in this random comedian nobody knew on this side of the world.

“All I can say is thank you very much” he said.

He said the timing of his departure would be announced later and that he would continue as host in the meantime.

South African comedian and TV host, Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah began his career in his native South Africa, releasing a string of stand-up specials and hosting a late-night talk show before relocating to the US in 2011, and has since become an internationally-recognised star and won numerous television awards.

Story: Asma’u Sani

Media: @Trevornoah/ Twitter/ Instagram


September 30, 2022

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  • Chinyere


    You’ve done really well for yourself Trevor. Well done!