Afropop musician, Peter Okoye aka Mr. P, has been accused of scam by a social media user to the tune of seven thousand Naira (N7,000). 

A social media user identified as Victor Bina (@VictorBina1) tweeted at Peter Okoye demanding a refund of N7,000 he allegedly sent to the artist’s OPay account as payment to ensure he is able to get one hundred and forty thousand Naira (N140,000) in the Zoom Live Draw giveaway. 

Mr. P took to Twitter to seek advice on how to proceed after the aggrieved Victor Bina shared a screenshot of a conversation with someone promising to help so he can “use the 7k to get 140k”.

Peter Okoye calls twitter user greedy for paying money to win lottery
Victor Bina’s chat and 7k transfer receipt

One of the photos is a screenshot of a money transfer of N7,000 to account name, Peter S Okoye, and bank name OPay.

Prior to this incident, Mr Okoye had made regular disclaimers to his followers against falling for scammers who would use his name or the Zoom Lifestyle platform to defraud fans of their hard-earned monies. 

Unfortunately, the occurrence became too rampant to ignore and Mr Okoye was forced to quit the show as mentioned in his ‘Quitting’ videos posted on 9th July, 2022. 

In response to Victor Bina, Peter Okoye insists that he doesn’t have or use WhatsApp. He revealed that several persons have been arrested for using the name ‘Peter Okoye’ to defraud Nigerians using online financial institutions and shared some photos via his Twitter account. With a warning attached.

Some fans of the Afropop star have suggested giving Mr Bina his number since the receiving account bears ‘Peter Okoye’, while other users feel his greed made him fall prey to such a scam.

fans advice peter Okoye
Fans advice Peter Okoye

Mr Okoye has called out the Apex bank, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), to dissolve ‘wallet accounts’ that require little or no verification to create an account.

“All these wallet accounts that can easily be created in seconds without valid means of identification,biometrics,BVN,and verified address or even utility bills. Needs to be scrapped! Just see how they are using my name to scam innocent people! Enough is Enough! @CentralBankNG

Story: Makcit Rindap