Residents of Kogi State have recounted their ordeal with flood, which has affected various areas of the state, including Lokoja the State Capital.

A Facebook user, Obansa, who is a victim, has shared his experience on his Facebook page.

Obansa narrated how he had been forced to move out of his abode, where he had lived for several years. He said, “Finally, this morning I had to say goodbye to my residence of 15 years. The warning came, the flood threatened, the water rises steadily and here we are, the water is finally here. This is CAC Road and Lokoja. But in all I give glory to Almighty Allah. It could have been worse but Allah took control. My sympathy goes to my neighbors. We have got to be strong and move on. When there is life, hope is not lost.”

Theophilus Impact, another victim of the flood in Kogi showed a video of his flooded house on his Facebook page, while expressing gratitude that his family’s lives were spared.

In his video, Theophilus could be heard lamenting that his house was inaccessible to him as a result of the flood.

A victim, Yinusa Abu, who hurriedly fled from his house in the Adankolo as the floods were approaching, claimed that his properties had been stolen by the time he returned on the day after, hoping to move his belongings to safety.

Another victim, Kehinde, expressed concern about how she would survive after losing all she had overnight “I don’t even know what to do…” she said.

Many parts of Kogi State have experienced flooding, which started in September, 2022. The flood, which is said to be caused by the release of water from Ladgro dam in cameroon and other dams in Nigeria, has caused loss of lives and properties to victims and the State.

Story: Rita Adamu