Nigerian athlete, Tobi Amusan, has become the first Nigerian to set a world Record after winning Gold in the Women’s 100 metre hurdle event at the World Athletics Championships in Oregon, United States.

The previous record of 12.20 seconds was held by USA’s kendra Harrison.

Tobi Amusan clocked in at 12.12 seconds, beating Camacho Quinn to second in the 2022 World Athletics Championships in Oregon, United States.

This latest feat will serve as a big consolation to Tobi Amusan after a disappointing Tokyo 2020 Olympics, where she narrowly lost the bronze medal to Jamaica’s Megan Tapper, when she placed fourth.

Amusan clinches Gold in women’s 100m hurdles race

It was a good medal day for Nigerians as Commonwealth and Africa record holder, Long Jumper Ese Brume leapt over 7.02 metres, to clinch silver medal, behind rival Maliaka Mihambo of Germany who jumped 7.12 metres for the Gold, while Brazil’s Oro Melo took the Bronze with 6.89 metres jump.

According to World Athletics, Peru, Kazakhstan and Nigeria each won their first ever gold medals, while India and Burkina Faso enjoyed their best ever medal performances in winning silver.

Story: Makcit Rindap

Media: @WorldAthletics/Twitter


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