A Nigerian Twitter user, @Chetexxx5, has narrated how her sister, Patience Sopuru Davidson, has been jailed for a month in United Arab Emirates, UAE, for negligence. According to her, her sister, who worked with an organisation, Al-Ain, was sentenced to one month in jail in September 2022 for negligence after she had gone to use the bathroom for 30 minutes, during which time one of her students cut his ear.

The tweep further narrated that Sopuruchi was jailed for a month, and should have been due for release on the 15th October 2022, but even after a month, there has been no word from her.

Patience Sopuru Davidson

According to Chetaxxx5, her younger sister who works as a caregiver at Al Ain Center for Care and Rehabilitation Center of Disabled in Abu Dhabi, was sentenced to one month in jail for overstaying in the bathroom which led to one of her students cutting his ear. 

Sopuru was to be released on October 15, 2022 but they have not heard from her since then.

The Dubai Police has responded to the tweets, asking Chetaxxx5 to send a DM.

Story: Ene Ken-Yawe